Zipper Carton Box – VproPackaging from Lee Chao on Vimeo.


Carton Box with ‘Zipper’

Unzip the package in only one second

Tamper-evident, no unauthorized access

Easier to seal, save your time on packing

Make your branding outstanding in competition

Dazzle your customers when they open the package

Traditional Carton Box  V.S.   Zipper Carton Box

1. VProPackaging ‘Zipper Carton Box’ is easier to wrap and seal.

2. No longer need to resort to scissors nor knife to open the package, you can open Zipper Carton Box with your bare hands.

3. Our Zipper Carton Box is tamper-evident so you can easily detect any unauthorized access to your product.

4. Seller’s brand and logo are not covered with adhesive tapes so they will be completely visible to the consumers.


Corrugated Carton Boxes

VProPackaging supplies corrugated boxes for

  • turnaround
  • shipping
  • storage
  • food packaging
  • and all other industries.

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