Customer Testimonials

We always feel grateful to our customers for sharing their comments for our packaging and design services, we will keep trying to serve more clients across the world.

“I have known VProPackaging team for more than 5 years. When I built my cell phone company seven years ago, they helped me with every phase of the packaging and in designing every single part of the cell phone packaging system. They have an outstanding knowledge of the packaging designing of a cell phone. From selecting material and structure and other packaging system, the decisions we made helped me to achieve a fabulous smart phone packaging. Mr. Li and Mr. Chen are very easy persons to work with, they are reasonable and to this day still helps me to keep updating my product packaging.”

Dan Jaro| MyPhone| Largest Cell Phone Brand in Philippines

“VproDesign have been superb. Their customer serivce is great. The guys there respond very quickly like they advertised. They designed an amazing iPhone case (iCorners) for me and the coorperation was great. Currently they are designing another accesory for us, we cannot wait to see it!”

Vladimir Kulenok | Founder, iCorners|


“The bottom line for us, is the time and cost saving, VProPackaging saves 40% than other packaging manufacturing and design companies and they are almost one month faster than other packaging manufacturing agencies, whilst giving us better quality and packaging design concept than we could hope to get from another packaging supplier, I would urge anyone in a similar situation to give it a try.”

Jeremy W Geatches | Chief Information Officer | CountryMeats