VProPackaging has been able to conquer majority of market share in the industry on the basis of delivering what’s claimed at the time of order placement. Our time in the industry has been all about improving conventional procedures. Do you need to inquire and order sleeve packaging cartons for your product line? In this case, there is no better provider than us in the industry when it comes to quality, price and appealing designs.

Customized Sleeve Cartons Packaging

Our management has been emphasizing on delivering customized sleeve packaging boxes to valued clients from day one. The reason behind this strategy is simple to understand. The kind of efficiency attained in design of sleeve cartons packaging with customization details is incomparable with standardized production process. Sleeve packaging can be used for various products such as food, electronics, accessories, etc. To keep your consumers familiar with the brand logo and colors, we recommend use of certain packaging elements consistent for all products.

Understanding your product, brand and target market will allow us to provide better recommendations for every element of design of sleeve packaging cartons. In this manner, the right design for sleeve boxes will be produced which has greater probability of being a hit with your products’ end consumers. According to the psyche of your targeted consumers, we are able to adjust every little detail on the sleeve cartons. The greatest benefit of sleeve boxes is that they provide ample space for desired content to be placed.

Why Choose VProPackaging?

VProPackaging has everything on offer which you might be looking for in a packaging provider. We are able to provide the right combination of quality, innovative design, consistent communication, experience, high tech machinery, affordable rates and all solutions under one roof. For your sleeve packaging concerns, let us be the order handler and you won’t be disappointed with the decision. We are here to address all your queries.

SleeveSleeve –
We can manufacture a wide variety of sleeves matches our vac formed trays or just a paperboard carton. Clear plastic sleeve can be made in different shapes and forms. Clear sleeves can be formed from the wall of continuous container that giving you right fit, clear sleeve can be printed in a variety of printing techs and different ways of closures.

Plastic cartons in other styles:

Clear Folding Boxes Pillow Box Sleeve Blister Pack Clamshell Thermoform

We’re committed to providing full packaging solution including structural design, graphics, material endorsement, sampling, production and ship to your company. VProPackaging provide you with packaging options including packaging box, in addition we produce carton boxes, plastic boxes, personalized or unique boxes for retailing, cosmetic, medicine, shoe boxes, electronics, mobile phone, toy and many types of other businesses.

VProPackaging Sleeve Clear Cartons Sample

Sleeve Clear Box

Sleeve Box

Sleeve Carton



Tell us your packaging details i.e. its shape, material and quantity, we normally quote in hours.

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