VProPackaging has been providing the finest designs of pasta folding boxes to several clients around the globe. It is your turn to try us and attain the most innovative and appealing pasta display packaging. With years of experience in the industry, we know that the cardboard material used for manufacturing of custom pasta packaging has to be rigid in order to absorb moisture when placed inside the freezer in case of frozen pasta.  On the other hand, we manufacture the pasta folding boxes with different material in case of raw pasta.

Customization for Pasta Display Packaging

Do you need an entirely unique design for your pasta product? VProPackaging is all about coming up with new designs and setting trends in the packaging industry. Customized pasta folding boxes packaging has been our trademark over the years. From size to shape, color, weight, box opening method, every feature of the packaging can be customized as per your request. VProPackaging aims to make the display box of your pasta as the signature symbol in the eyes of customers.

Red, yellow, orange, blue and green are the recommended colors for the customization of your pasta display folding box. The size of pasta packaging entirely depends on volume of the pasta to be stored inside the box. Cardboard thickness is decided on the basis of weight of the pasta. Lastly, the design entirely depends on your choice. We can give your pasta display folding box a round, square, rectangle or any other shape.

Why Choose VProPackaging?

Our experience, latest machinery, efficient production methods and skilled labor are major reasons why you can trust on us when it comes to ordering bulk folding pasta display boxes packaging. All kinds of material and resources are available with us to deliver the most satisfying finished product at your door step.

Pasta CartonFrozen Pasta & Sauce Tailor Made Craft Paper Foldable Carton Manufacturer

Folding cartons frozen pasta & sauce display packaging are essential for the packaging of pasta and sauce. Folding cartons frozen pasta & sauce display packaging is perfectly suitable for sauces and pasta.

Why Opt for Folding Cartons for Pasta and Sauce?

Folding cartons frozen pasta & sauce display packaging allows you to welcome more customers. Folding cartons frozen pasta & sauce display packaging is usually chosen by entrepreneurs dealing in pasta and sauces. We have served numerous business owners who deal in food products. Our reputation is entirely relying on high standards of packaging at affordable rates.

Our goal has been to introduce new and unique folding cartons frozen pasta & sauce display packaging to our dearest clients. We have been successful in achieving our goals for many years. Team of designers at Versatile Packaging is fully capable of serving our customers in the best possible manner. We aim to make your products standout among other products in your store. Folding cartons frozen pasta & sauce display packaging is tailored to meet your needs. Folding cartons frozen pasta & sauce display packaging is able to build on your business image.

What is Process?

We will attain the list of your packaging needs. Analyzing your needs and manufacturing sample folding cartons frozen pasta & sauce display packaging is the first thing to do in our procedures. We are able to remove any unwanted designs, shapes and patterns from the folding cartons frozen pasta & sauce display packaging by presenting the samples. In this way, we are able to supply only finest packaging cartons to our customers.

What We Offer?

Versatile Packaging answers entire list of your packaging queries.

VProPackaging Pasta & Sauce Cartons Sample

Pasta & Sauce Boxes Packaging

Pasta & Sauce Carton

Pasta & Sauce Boxes Packaging

Pasta Folding Carton

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Specifications –

  1. Material: PP, corrugated, PET, printing paper, art paper, cardboard, PVC and paperboard.
  2. Design: matte, UV oil, glitter, creasing, embossing, varnish, die cutting, gloss and silk screen print.
  3. Print: Panton, Offset, CMYK.
  4. MOQ: 3000 pcs, small order only considerable for sample.
  5. Tailored: sizes, patterns, dimensions, etc.
  6. Folding cartons frozen pasta & sauce display packaging will be having your magnet closure, layout, ribbon, etc.
  7. Folding cartons frozen pasta & sauce display packaging will be given foldable shape for quick assembling.
  8. We offer unique packaging designs.
  9. Services are custom made.
  10. Shipment is done through sea, courier or truck.
  11. Payment can be received by means of Bank Transfer or West Union. More payment options can be considered.

We have been specialized in supplying full packaging solution which includes structural design, graphic design, material suggestion, sampling, production and ship to your location. We furnish packaging options like packaging box, in addition we make carton boxes, plastic boxes, tailor made or one-stop-solution boxes for retailing, cosmetic, medicine, shoe boxes, electronics, mobile phone, toy and all other industries.


Tell us your packaging details i.e. its shape, material and quantity, we normally quote in hours.

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