VProPackaging has always considered improving the packaging standards. We have never been satisfied with one kind of packaging for long time. It is our ultimate mission to keep improving and bring changes for the sake of innovativeness and uniqueness. Are you searching for the right folding cartons dessert display packaging supplier? In this case, you have come to the right place where our team of designers has been catering several dessert brands from past 10 years.

Appealing Dessert Folding Cartons Display Packaging

Desserts are known for their appearance and taste. Being a packaging supplier, we are not the specialist when it comes to taste. However, we can play a key role in delivering the appealing appearance of the particular dessert item. VProPackaging has been offering the most unique and attractive dessert folding cartons display packaging to brands around the world. Our dessert display packaging will make your customers believe that the product inside is better than other desserts placed on the shelf.

Desserts mostly come in appealing color theme such as blue, red, pink, yellow and green. Almost no brand uses the combination of white or black for dessert items. This is where our expertise in the packaging industry will prove to be useful for your brand. We can create a sample for dessert folding carton display packaging which shall be finalized by your management. Let us know if there is any question in your mind. Our staff will be more than happy to assist.

Why Choose VProPackaging?

All you need for dessert display packaging will be delivered under one roof here at VProPackaging. Do let us know every detail of your order requirements. It will allow our experts to provide the most affordable quotation in no time at all. We are looking forward to receiving the order from your end for dessert display packaging.

Dessert CartonDessert Tailor Made Corrugated Foldable Carton Supply

Folding cartons dessert display packaging is essential for packaging of desserts. Folding cartons dessert display packaging is able to create warm and mouth watering outlook in your desserts.

Why Go for Folding Cartons for Desserts?

Folding cartons dessert display packaging has the potential to bring more business for your retail outlet. Folding cartons dessert display packaging allows you to build on your business reputation. We are proud to serve numerous dessert manufacturers around the globe. We have attained outrageous reputation in the packaging industry for delivering splendid folding cartons dessert display packaging.

Versatile Packaging is able to offer unique folding cartons dessert display packaging to its clients. Our highly skilled and creative designers have enabled us in satisfying our valued customers. Highly featured operating plant assists the designers in performing their job. Our mission is to make your products look prominent when placed on your store shelf in our folding cartons dessert display packaging. Folding cartons dessert display packaging is customizable for your packaging specifics. Folding cartons dessert display packaging is usually picked by dessert manufacturers around the globe.

What is Procedure?

Mention your packaging specifics. Our policies and procedures include presentation of sample folding cartons dessert display packaging. In this way, we are able to deliver only the desired packaging to our dearest clients. The design and QC teams are guided to analyze every packaging carton in the entire production process. No error containing carton is passed on to the next phase of production. We deliver only 100% fine packaging cartons.

What We Offer?

VProPackaging offers manufacturing, print, gluing, design and delivery services.

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Features –

  1. Material: PVC, corrugated, art paper PP, printing paper, PET, Kraft paper and cardboard paper.
  2. Decoration: varnish, foil stamping, die cutting, gloss, embossing matte, silk screen, UV oil and creasing.
  3. Printing Procedure: Panton, CMYK, Offset.
  4. MOQ: 3000 pcs, lesser quantity considerable for sample.
  5. Customized shapes, patterns, layout, etc.
  6. Folding cartons dessert display packaging is produced while inserting your logo, ribbon and seal.
  7. Folding cartons dessert display packaging is given foldable shape for quick assemble.
  8. Ideal packaging at moderate charges is what we offer.
  9. Services can be customized.
  10. Order is shipped by means of courier, sea & truck at your door step.
  11. Payment can be received by means of Bank Transfer or West Union. Mention other payment modes if needed.

We have been specialized in offering total packaging solution like structural design, graphic design, material endorsement, sampling, production and deliver to your location. We provide you with packaging products including packaging box, furthermore we produce carton boxes, plastic boxes, tailor made or versatile boxes for retailing, cosmetic, medicine, shoe boxes, electronics, mobile phone, toy and all other sectors.


Tell us your packaging details i.e. its shape, material and quantity, we normally quote in hours.

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