Deli foods require attractive packaging for better sales volume. It is the same with all food items. VProPackaging knows in depth what is actually needed by the food items to find a place in the heart of end customers apart from taste. Deli foods display packaging is something we specialize in from several years. Our management is keen on continuously producing the most unique folding cartons deli foods display packaging for respective clients.

Customizing Deli Foods Display Packaging

VProPackaging gets into every little detail of the deli foods folding cartons display packaging when it comes down to customization. The ideal results can only be obtained if each element on the deli foods display packaging is given equal and separate attention. Starting from the color theme of the folding carton which is the base of the entire design, our expert team of designers will be focused on preparing the most outstanding end product.

Moving on to other important details, our designers will fix your deli foods display packaging by inserting customization for font, opening method, placement of logo and addition of certain design elements. With all the factors syncing with each other, this is how the perfect deli foods display packaging is prepared for our respected customers. If you have a certain packaging design in mind, please feel free to share with us. We will cater all your requirements as you want.

Why Choose VProPackaging?

Reliable, innovative and experience are the major factors which highlight our brand. The people at VProPackaging believe in clear communication with valued clients in all the phases, starting from sampling, manufacturing, designing and delivery. This is what leads to achieving ideal client satisfaction. Trust us for your folding meal display packaging needs. Our experts will work to create such a packaging design which delivers handsome sales increase for your product.

Deli Food BoxDeli Foods Custom Made Chipboard Folded Carton Manufacturer

Folding cartons deli foods display packaging creates exquisite look for your product. Folding cartons deli foods display packaging is essential for packaging of deli foods.

Why Go for Folding Cartons for Deli Foods?

Folding cartons deli foods display packaging have the ability to attract increased number of customers at your store. Folding cartons deli foods display packaging allows you to build on your brand image. We have served deli foods manufacturers around the globe. The high client satisfaction rate has enabled us in achieving splendid reputation in the packaging industry.

Versatile Packaging has the vital of combination of skilled and experienced designers who are able to produce unique folding cartons deli foods display packaging on the latest technology based operating plant. We aim to deliver new and trendy packaging cartons to our clients who face packaging issues. Folding cartons deli foods display packaging is customized to meet your packaging needs. Folding cartons deli foods display packaging is usually opted by deli foods manufacturers.

How It Works?

Considering your packaging requirements is the first thing on our list. Setting sample folding cartons deli foods display packaging is a must step in our work style. We are able to eliminate any unwanted features from the folding cartons deli foods display packaging after attaining your feedback. Our QC and design staffs are instructed to analyze the packaging in phases of bonding, print, gluing, manufacture, etc. We are able to deliver 100% flawless packaging by following the procedures and disciplines strictly.

What We Offer?

Versatile Packaging offers huge range of packaging services including print, design, manufacture, delivery, etc.

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Specs –

  1. Material: corrugated, Kraft paper, printing paper, PVC, art paper, PET, cardboard, PP & paperboard.
  2. Design: UV oil, gloss, embossing, varnish, silk screen print, foil stamping, matte, die cutting and glitter.
  3. Printing: CMYK, Offset & Panton.
  4. MOQ: 3000 pcs, lesser quantity for sampling.
  5. Tailor made dimensions, style, patterns and sizes.
  6. Folding cartons deli foods display packaging has your ribbon, closure, logo, etc.
  7. Folding cartons deli foods display packaging has foldable shape for convenient delivery.
  8. Our packaging services deliver 100% satisfaction.
  9. Tailored services can be attained.
  10. Order can be delivered by sea, truck and courier.
  11. Payment should be sent through West Union and Bank Transfer. Other payment options can be considered.

We’re specialized in providing full packaging solution which includes structural design, graphics, material advice, sampling, production and ship to your location. VProPackaging produce packaging choices like packaging box, we also make carton boxes, plastic boxes, personalized or bespoke boxes for retailing, cosmetic, medicine, shoe boxes, electronics, cell phone, toy and all other sectors.


Tell us your packaging details i.e. its shape, material and quantity, we normally quote in hours.


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