VProPackaging is not limited to manufacturing the display folding cartons for a specific range of commodities. It has been our aim to cover the maximum products when it comes to providing the display packaging solutions to the valued clients. Are you a frozen meal manufacturer? In this case, you have come to the right place where our experts will address your meal display folding packaging concerns in a professional manner at affordable rates.

Customized Folding Boxes Meal Display Packaging

VProPackaging is the expert you need for presenting your product in the right manner in market for respective target market. Our experienced designers have complete business, marketing and design sense. We will recreate or change your folding boxes meal packaging in the finest way. Your company will certainly receive a much improved meal display packaging compared to current version when we ship the order at your door step.

Is customization the factor you are worried about for your meal folding boxes? All the design basics are taken care of in the detailed manner when it comes down to customization of the meal folding display packaging. We will carefully examine the changes being made to current meal display packaging. The customization can be implemented in size, shape, color, style and overall design of the folding box meal display packaging. You get to have the final say for the customization of meal folding cartons.

Why Choose VProPackaging?

Experience, innovative and reliable are the 3 factors we like to highlight about our brand. We are who we commit we are. Our management believes in consistent communication with the respected clients during the phases of order requirements, sampling, designing, manufacturing and delivery in order to achieve the maximum client satisfaction levels. Get your folding meal display packaging designed from our experts and enjoy a handsome sales increase instantly.

Meal BoxesMeal Custom Made Paper Foldable Carton Supplier

Folding boxes meal display packaging is essential for all types of meals. Folding boxes meal display packaging is picked by majority of the entrepreneurs who deal in food.

Why Choose Folding Boxes for Meals?

Folding boxes meal display packaging introduces fresh look to your meals. Folding boxes meal display packaging is highly suitable for packaging of meals. We proudly serve our clients from the food industry. Our spectacular reputation is the collection of high standards, affordability and versatility.

Versatile Packaging has the mission to serve its clients in most unique manner. Our designers have 10yrs + experience in the packaging field which helps them produce just about perfect folding boxes meal display packaging. We have consistently achieved our goals in the packaging industry. Your meals in our folding boxes meal display packaging will look delicious. Folding boxes meal display packaging is customized to hold your products. Folding boxes meal display packaging is beneficial for your business.

How It Works?

Manufacturing sample folding boxes meal display packaging is the first step of our operating cycle. Attaining your feedback is the most important task for us. We are able to make positive changes in the folding boxes meal display packaging with your feedback. The design and QC teams are designated in the entire production process to analyze every carton. It allows us to come up with finalized 100% flawless folding boxes meal display packaging.

What We Offer?

We offer print, manufacture, delivery and design packaging services.

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Specs –

  1. Material: PP, Kraft paper, printing paper PVC, art paper, paperboard, cardboard paper, PET and corrugated.
  2. Design: creasing, glitter, die cutting, varnish, embossing, gloss, silk screen print, matte and UV oil.
  3. Print: Offset, CMYK or Panton.
  4. MOQ: 3000 pcs, sample needs are catered for lesser quantity.
  5. Custom made designs, shapes, layout, etc.
  6. Folding boxes meal display packaging can be given your business seal, closure, etc.
  7. Folding boxes meal display packaging can be given foldable shape for quick transportation.
  8. We supply absolutely fine packaging at affordable charges.
  9. Services are customized.
  10. Delivery is carried through truck, courier and sea to your door step.
  11. Bank Transfer or West Union are accepted for payment. Please inform earlier, for other payment methods.

We are dedicated to supplying total packaging solution like structural design, graphic design, material suggestion, sampling, production and deliver to your company. We furnish packaging solutions like packaging box, furthermore produce carton boxes, plastic boxes, custom made or all-in-one boxes for retailing, cosmetic, medicine, shoe boxes, electronics, mobile phone, toy and all other industries.

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Tell us your packaging details i.e. its shape, material and quantity, we normally quote in hours.

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