VProPackaging has excellent relations with several beverage brands around the world. We are the favorites of beers and coolers brands for delivering outclass display folding packaging. If you are a beers and coolers brand, trust on us to provide the most appealing display folding boxes. We are proud on the fact that our designers don’t rely on similar kind of packaging designs for long time. Our team is innovative which reflects in the continuously updating and unique beers and coolers folding cartons manufactured.

Customizing Beers and Coolers Display Packaging

Each and every product needs to have especially customized display packaging in order to appeal to the end consumers. A standardized packaging will not be able to make any strong impact on your customers. Beers and coolers display folding packaging should be redesigned if you are willing to hire us for its packaging production. Beverage products are sold to customers at the first point of eye contact. This is where a customer decides whether the beverage is good enough or not.

Customization can take place in elements of your choice such as logo, placement of content, shape, size, theme, strips, opening method, carrying method and much more. Our expert staff will collaborate with your management on how the customization should be implemented in the beers and coolers display folding boxes packaging. In case you only want certain changes to current packaging, please notify our management in the beginning.

Why Choose VProPackaging?

The factors which put us ahead of the competitors include high tech machinery, effective production techniques, experience and skilled labor. These are the major reasons you should trust us for ordering folding boxes beers and coolers display packaging. Every type of material and resources can be arranged to deliver the required finished product. Get your affordable order quotation right now by submitting requirements.

Beer CartonBeers and Coolers Customized Craft Paper Folded Box Supply

Folding boxes beers and coolers display packaging is able to give your product funky and cool outlook. Folding boxes beers and coolers display packaging are mostly chosen by beverage manufacturers.

Why go for Paperboard Folding Packaging for Beers and Coolers?

Folding boxes beers and coolers display packaging enable you to attain larger customer base for your retail business. Folding boxes beers and coolers display packaging will help you build on your business reputation. We have served plenty beers and coolers manufacturers worldwide. Our mission is to surprise you with excellent packaging which is beyond your imagination.

Versatile Packaging possesses highly creative designers who are able to produce trendy and modern cut designs for your folding boxes beers and coolers display packaging. With more than 10 years of practice in the field, our designers are able to work swiftly on the high-tech manufacturing plant. Your product in our folding boxes beers and coolers display packaging will look spectacular on your store shelf. Folding boxes beers and coolers display packaging are tailored to meet your packaging needs. Folding boxes beers and coolers display packaging are essential for packaging of all kinds of beers and coolers.

How We Do It?

Mention list of your packaging needs. We will manufacture sample folding boxes beers and coolers display packaging for you. After making necessary changes, we will manufacture complete order where our design and QC staffs will analyze every carton separately in the phases of gluing, raw material, print, design, etc. Our employees are strictly instructed to adhere by the policies and disciplines. In this way, we are able to deliver error free folding boxes beers and coolers display packaging to our clients.

What We Offer?

We supply all kinds of packaging services such as print, design, manufacture and delivery.

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Specs –

  1. Material: PET, corrugated, PP, art paper, PVC, paperboard, printing paper and Kraft paper.
  2. Design: matte, gloss, UV oil, embossing, varnish, creasing, glitter, die cutting and silk screen print.
  3. Print: CMYK, Panton and Offset.
  4. MOQ: 3000pcs, small orders only for testing.
  5. Customization in layout, patterns, sizes, etc.
  6. Folding cartons bakery display packaging contains your ribbon, seal, etc.
  7. Folding cartons bakery display packaging contains foldable shape for convenient shipment.
  8. We offer best packaging solutions at affordable prices.
  9. Tailored services are available.
  10. Shipment of order is carried through sea, truck or courier at your door step.
  11. Payment is received by West Union and Bank Transfer. Inform us in case of other payment options.

Our company is committed to providing total packaging solution like structural design, graphics, material recommendation, sampling, production and ship to your location. We provide you with packaging products for example packaging box, furthermore we produce carton boxes, plastic boxes, custom made or unique boxes for retailing, cosmetic, medicine, shoe boxes, electronics, cell phone, toy and many types of other sectors.


Tell us your packaging details i.e. its shape, material and quantity, we normally quote in hours.

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