VProPackaging is the master when it comes down to producing and designing the most unique pest control clear boxes for packaging. We have been in the packaging industry for more than 10 years. During this time period, we have catered numerous pest control products manufacturing brands around the globe. Our ultimate mission is to achieve greatest levels of client satisfaction. We need to keep innovating with the product and packaging in order to keep the target market’s interest fresh towards the product itself.

Appealing Pest Control Clear Boxes for Packaging

What would you look for in a pert control clear box packaging when going to the market? Clear product name, brand logo, attractive color scheme, usage directions and other reading material would sum up to be the perfect pest control clear box packaging. All these elements can be inserted in your pest control clear product packaging. Let us know your customization requirements so that we can alter the current packaging in required way. Your recommendations are always welcomed by our design team.

Most pest control clear boxes for packaging come in white, blue, yellow and green color scheme. Do you want something different? This is where our designers are always keen to work on. Bringing trend setting pest control clear boxes for packaging the main objective behind our designing strategy. No matter how small the room is for innovation, we try our best to make sure that your pest control product packaging stands out at the store shelf when compared to other products.

Why Choose VProPackaging?

Budget is the main constraint when it comes to packaging. Most brands even in this day and age think of packaging as the supporting factor for its product sale. At VProPackaging, we know that appealing pest control clear boxes for packaging can directly play a role in boosting the sales volume for your company.

Pest Control CartonsPest Control Tailor Made PVC Foldable Box Supplier

Pest control clear folding boxes are considered essential by pest control items manufacturers worldwide. Pest control clear folding boxes are mostly chosen by pest control products dealers.

Why Choose Transparent Folding Boxes for Pest Control Products?

Pest control clear folding boxes can allow you to welcome recurring and new customers at your business outlet. Pest control clear folding boxes will allow you to build on your brand image. We have served countless number of pest control products manufacturers worldwide. We have been able to sustain the top spot in packaging industry by delivering quality pest control clear folding boxes.

VProPackaging is keen on producing latest designs, patterns and dimensions in the packaging. For this purpose, we have the combination of high-tech manufacturing plant and more than 10 years experienced team of designers. We aim to deliver finest pest control clear folding boxes for our dearest clients from the pest control industry.

Pest control clear folding boxes are made to meet your requirements. Pest control clear folding boxes are able to preserve your product in the finest manner.

How We Do It?

Give your packaging requirement details to us. We will set sample pest control clear folding boxes accordingly. We are keen on making necessary changes after receiving your feedback. The mass production process is handled by design and QC teams. They are responsible to analyze every packaging box before it is delivered to our dear clients. In this way, we are able to supply only 100% flawless pest control clear folding boxes.

What We Offer?

VProPackaging offers design, print, manufacturing and delivery packaging services.

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Pest Control Box


Pest Control Clear Carton

Pest Control Boxes

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Specifications –

  1. Material: PVC, corrugated, art paper, PET, paperboard, Kraft paper, PP, cardboard and printing paper.
  2. Designing: silk screen print, matte, creasing, varnish, embossing, gloss, foil stamping, glitter, UV oil and die cutting.
  3. Print: Panton, Offset and CMYK.
  4. MOQ: 3000 pcs, smaller order only for testing.
  5. Styles, patterns, designs and dimensions are all tailor made.
  6. Pest control clear folding boxes will have your business ribbon, magnet closure and seal.
  7. Pest control clear folding boxes will be given foldable shape for affordable delivery.
  8. We supply top quality packaging at economical charges.
  9. Tailored services can be gained.
  10. Order is shipped by truck, sea or courier at your door step.
  11. Payment is receivable by means of West Union or Bank Transfer. Inform us earlier in case of other payment options.

We have been focused on supplying comprehensive packaging solution like structural design, graphic design, material recommendation, sampling, production and ship to your company. VProPackaging provide you with packaging products including packaging box, furthermore produce carton boxes, plastic boxes, customized or versatile boxes for retailing, cosmetic, medicine, shoe boxes, electronics, cell phone, toy and all other businesses.


Tell us your packaging details i.e. its shape, material and quantity, we normally quote in hours.

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