VProPackaging is always looking forward to clients which can ask us to come up with something different and new for their products. Are you concerned about shipping boxes for your diverse product line? In this case, we provide the most complete solution under one roof. Get the best cardboard shipping cartons from us at economical prices. We can provide the shipping packaging in all sizes customized to meet your every product’s specific requirements.

Customized Shipping Boxes

VProPackaging is not your usual shipping cartons supplier. We take things in an entirely different fashion in order to deliver the maximum value added features for ensuring highest levels of client satisfaction. We are looking forward to meeting all your requirements and expectations attached to the placement of corrugated shipping boxes packaging order. Our management can customize the boxes as per your requirements. The experienced workforce at VProPackaging makes everything possible.

From the size of shipping cartons to special protective inserts, we take full responsibility to provide the kind of corrugated shipping boxes which ensure the original state of your products during delivery process. We know what it takes to prevent any damage occurring from heat, moisture and pressure. Our designers and engineers will make the necessary recommendations for your each product’s shipping cartons design. Get the most personalized packaging experience ever for your product range.

Why Choose VProPackaging?

Is there any other provider which guarantees to meet all your size, shape, logo, protective inserts, customization, quality, time and other requirements under one roof? Above all, VProPackaging will certainly suit your shipping boxes budget range. We are providing all kinds of corrugated shipping cartons to international and local brands around the globe. Feel free to get in touch and submit the order details right now. Our staff will provide the affordable quotation in no time at all.

Shipping BoxShipping Boxes

We have a stock of over 500 sizes corrugated shipping boxes. Our corrugated boxes could be used for most retailing and online business shipping applications and our special Heavy Duty cartons can be used when the extra protection is needed. VProPackaging also offers a variety of moving boxes which can be used as packing cartons for you to use in office, apartment or home move. Paper shipping box could make the products inside secured, shipping boxes are perfect for delivery industry.

Reason to Use Plastic or Paperboard Carton for your Product?

A beautiful wrapped shipping carton can easily create returning and new business for your shop and the items you are selling, it may also adds values to the products you are marketing and the brand image you are building. We serve plenty of shipping box companies around the world, we’ve set up a good reputation of delivering inexpensive along with excellent packaging to our clients.

Our team of design has over 10 years of helping a lot of consumer firms which means we are able to make the most of our specialists to devise creative designs in developing packaging solution, plus we have an effective factory that can apply the most up-to-date expertise to make items in our carton stand out from plenty products when the product are being displayed on the shelf. All our boxes (clear plastic and paperboard boxes) are customizable, they are made in various sizes to be able to hold or secure the products. Plastic folding cartons are the most used packaging method for shipping box.

How It Works?

Let us know the details of what type of packaging you want, after receiving the specifications of your products or the carton we ‘ll set up the model and sample some cartons for you to ensure if anything needs changed. All of these processes help us to prevent any unexpected issue, our designing and QC employees strictly control the entire system following the processes and disciplines. From material, printing, diecut to bonding- all these procedures are the most important factors to guarantee the cartons that we manufactured can fulfil our clients requirement.

What We Offer?

VProPackaging offers one-stop services: designs, packaging and delivery.

VProPackaging Shipping Cartons Sample

Shipping Folding Box


Specifications –

1. Material: PP, PVC, PET, Kraft Paper, Paper board, Art Paper, Printing Paper,, cardboard, corrugated paper.

2. Decorating Finishes: glitter varnish, varnish, gloss lamination, matte lamination, screen printing, UV oil printing, UV oil printing, foil-stamping, creasing, embossing, die cutting.

3. Printing Process: Offset print, CMYK and Panton.

4. Minimum Order: 3,000 PCS, we accept small quantity for testing need.

5. Custom made including: dimensions, patterns and designs.

6. Folding Cartons can be made with your logo and special design, magnet seal and ribbon.

7. All boxes could be designed to be foldable so they are cost effective to ship and assemble!

8. We provide high quality, inexpensive and good service.

9. Custom needs and service are available.

10. Cartons could be delivered to your door by sea, courier and truck.

11. West Union or bank transfer is acceptable, please inform us if you need to pay by other method.

Other needs please contact us.

See our paper box types:

Paper Folding Carton Paper Pizza Boxes Shipping Boxes Gift Boxes

We have been specialized in offering overall packaging solution such as structural design, graphic design, material suggestion, sampling, production and ship to your company. We produce packaging solutions such as packaging box, in addition we produce carton boxes, plastic boxes, customized or one-stop-solution boxes for retailing, cosmetic, medicine, shoe boxes, electronics, cellular phone, toy and many types of other markets.


Tell us your packaging details i.e. its shape, material and quantity, we normally quote in hours.

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