VProPackaging wants to welcome every challenge. We are a packaging brand which has introduced hundreds of trend setting boxes for display, shipping and storage. Are you in need of gift boxes? This is the best place to be at in terms of price, quantity, quality, timely delivery, reliability and innovativeness. Our management will cater your requests under one roof even if we have to go out of the way to achieve your 100% satisfaction.

Appealing Cardboard Gift Boxes

Gift boxes packaging should always look beautiful. The reason behind this agenda is obvious as gifts are supposed to reflect a nice gesture from one person to another. The packaging of particular gift item should look equally good. This is where we can play the pivotal role in providing the most amazing cardboard gift boxes packaging. Our goal has been to always introduce trend setting boxes for the brands onboard with us from around the world.

Color scheme, size, font, shape, opening method and all other details of the corrugated gift boxes can be decided with mutual consultation. If we are able to have the understanding of your product line and brand values, our management will be able to make better recommendations resulting to quality cardboard gift boxes. If you have a particular design idea in mind, please feel free to share with us. Our engineers and designers could take a look at it and improvise quickly.

Why Choose VProPackaging?

There are hundreds of reasons on why we should be your #1 pick when it comes to going for gift boxes order placement. The major reasons we would like to highlight include reliability, consistent communication and trend setting approach to provide the most unique gift cartons. Contact us right now with the below mentioned details. Submitting order details is easy. Fill out the form below and allow us to get back with the affordable quotation.

GiftGift boxes

Gift boxes can make your product elegant, gift boxes are perfect for gift wrapping, wedding favor boxes, cosmetic packaging and food industry. An elegant wrapped gift carton can generate repeat and new business for your store and your product, it can also add values to the gift you are marketing and the product image you are building. Gift boxes can make your products elegant, pillow box are ideal for packing gifts, confectionery as well as foods.

Reason to Use Plastic or Paperboard Carton for your Product?

A classy packaged gift carton can generate returning and new opportunity for your retail store and the product, it may also adds values to the product displayed on the shelf and the brand image you are trying to build. We serve plenty of gifts clients all over the world, we’ve set up a reputation of delivering inexpensive as well as top quality packaging products to our valued customers.

Our team of design has over 10 years of serving a lot of gift firms this means we can make the most of our specialists to devise creative designs in developing gifts packaging, plus we have an efficient plant that will employ the most updated technologies to make your product stand out from numerous products when displaying on the shelf. Our cartons (clear plastic and paperboard boxes) are custom made, they are made in in the size you need to be able to hold or secure your products. Plastic folding cartons are the most selected packaging way for gift .

How We Make Cartons for You?

Tell us the specifications of which kind of folding carton you need, soon after having the specifics of your product or the box we will set up the model and sample some folding cartons for you to ensure if something needs to be revised. All of these processes will help us to avoid any unforeseen problem, our design and Quality Control staffs rigorously control the whole process following the processes and disciplines. From material, printing, die cutting to gluing- these processes are second to none to ensure the cartons that we made can cater to our clients requirement.

What We Offer?

VProPackaging offers one stop services: designs, packaging and delivery.

VProPackaging Gift Cartons Sample

Gift Folding Box


Gift Carton



1. Material: PVC, PP, Kraft Paper, printing paper, art paper, paper board, Corrugated and Cardboard Paper.

2. Surface Decorating Finishes: Gloss Lamination, Varnish, Glitter, Matte, Die cutting, Embossing, Creasing, Foil stamping, UV oil, Silk Screen Print.

3. Printing Process: Offset, CMYK, Pantone Print.

4. Minimum Order: 3,000 PCS, we accept small quantity for test need.

5. Custom made including: sizes, patterns and designs.

6. Cartons can be made with your magnet closure, logo, ribbon and other special needs.

7. All cartons could be designed to be foldable so they are affordable to ship and assemble!

8. We offer excellent, inexpensive and one stop.

9. customized needs and service are available.

10. Boxes can be delivered to your door by courier, truck or sea.

11. West Union or bank transfer is acceptable, if you need to pay by other method please let us know first.

See our paper box types:

Paper Folding Carton Paper Pizza Boxes Shipping Boxes Gift Boxes

We’re specializing in providing overall packaging solution such as structural design, graphic design, material advice, sampling, production and deliver to your door. VProPackaging provide packaging resolutions for example packaging box, furthermore make carton boxes, plastic boxes, custom made or all-in-one boxes for retailing, cosmetic, medicine, shoe boxes, electronics, telephone, toy and all other sectors.


Tell us your packaging details i.e. its shape, material and quantity, we normally quote in hours.

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