VProPackaging has introduced several kinds of packaging boxes for valued clients around the globe. We have never followed the industry norms and set rules and regulations. Our management has always emphasized on innovation. This is how we are able to offer the best folding cartons which meet your specific product requirements. Clear folding cartons can be designed in any form to achieve the desired outcome in terms of branding, sales increase or storage of product.

Types of Clear Folding Cartons

There can be as many types of clear folding boxes as you want. We are here to cater all your customization requirements. Folding cartons can be manufactured with all kinds of design forms in terms of size, shape, opening method and more. You get to pick the font, logo styling, content placement and other details in the clear folding carton product packaging. Our experts will assist you in finalizing these details for the folding cartons.

We have always recommended our valued clients to get in touch with us for all their queries on time, price, quality, processes and more. VProPackaging is able to provide the most suitable product packaging clear folding cartons which can cater to all industries including food, toys, sports, auto mobiles, electronics and much more. Each and every product in the world can have its ideal product packaging folding box from us at the most affordable rates.

Why Choose VProPackaging?

We are reliable, economical, quality focused and timely delivering packaging provider. Basically, we are all in one for your clear folding carton needs. Contact us right now to mention your requirements for the folding carton order. We will get back to you in no time at all with the affordable quotation. Our staff will assist in best manner till all your questions are answered in a satisfying manner.

Bakery Folding BoxVProPackaging is one of the authorities in paperboard packaging for a variety of applications and industries. As a professional manufacturer based in China, we take advantage of our expertise and experiences to assist our clients to complete their packaging applications.

After receiving the details we will set up the tooling and sample some boxes for you to double check if anything needs revised. All these processes can help us to avoid any unexpected problem, our design and QC staffs strictly control the whole process following the procedures and disciplines. From material, printing, diecutting to gluing- all these procedures are second to none to ensure the cartons that we made can meet our client’s standard.

Folding cartons could make your product exquisite, paper cartons are ideal for health care, toys, food as well as cosmetic industry.

Reason to Use Paperboard Carton for your Product?

A classy packaged chipboard carton can generate returning and new client for your shop and the product, it may also adds values to the products in the carton and the image of the brand you are building. We have been serving numerous consuming products companies around the world, we have created a reputation of providing inexpensive and also excellent packaging goods to our valued customers.

Our team of design owns more than 10 years of serving many companies which means we are able to take advantage of our experts to come up with inspiring designs in manufacturing paper carton packaging, plus we have an productive factory that will apply the most updated techniques to make items in our carton stand out from lots products when they are displayed in the shop. All of our cartons (clear plastic and paperboard boxes) are customized, they can be produced in in the size you need in order to store or secure your products. Plastic folding cartons usually are the most used packaging way for consumer products manufacturer.

How We Make Cartons for You?

Inform us all the specfics of what kind of box you want, soon after having the specifications of your product or the box we ‘ll set up the tooling and sample some boxes for you to ensure if something needs to be revised. These processes will help us to prevent any unforeseen problem, our designing and Quality Control staffs rigorously control the whole system following the procedures and disciplines. From material, prints, diecutting to gluing- all these procedures are the most important factors to ensure the cartons that we manufactured can fulfill our customers need.

What We Offer?

We offer one stop services: packaging, delivery and even design.

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We have been focused on providing total packaging solution such as structural design, graphic design, material endorsement, sampling, production and deliver to your location. VProPackaging provide packaging resolutions such as packaging box, we produce carton boxes, plastic boxes, personalized or all-in-one boxes for retailing, cosmetic, medicine, shoe boxes, electronics, telephone, toy and all other businesses.


Tell us your packaging details i.e. its shape, material and quantity, we normally quote in hours.

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