VProPackaging is the name of experience, trend setting and innovation in the packaging industry. You can rely on us for all your clear boxes packaging needs. We have all the required resources in order to prepare conventional and innovative cereal clear boxes for packaging. Our team of designers does not follows the worldwide trends, rather prefers to innovate and bring something new in the market for the valued clients to capture target market’s attention.

Customized Cereal Clear Boxes for Packaging

More than anything else, customized cereal clear boxes play the role of attention seeker when displayed on the store shelf among hundreds of other cereals. Remember, the potential customers will only grab the boxes which instantly appeal to the eye. This is where customization to your current cereal clear boxes packaging can make a difference. Refresh the product aura by introducing new design in the market which can leave a long lasting impact.

Major factors where your cereal clear boxes for packaging can be customized include logo, strips, opening method, content placement, font style, size, shape and color scheme. In case you want the material to be changed, we can certainly do that for you. Everything about your cereal clear boxes for packaging can be transformed in something new and special. We are here to cater all your packaging needs. Let us know right now about the order requirements.

Why Choose VProPackaging?

Let us get back to you with the quotation in a short while after you have submitted the order requirements. You will be amazed to see our affordable rates for fully customized cereal clear boxes for packaging. This is not it, we are more experienced than most packaging providers and guarantee to deliver the order within mentioned time frame. If you have any questions, please get in touch at the earliest.

Cereal BoxesCereal Customized Transparent Foldable Box Manufacturer

Cereal clear folding boxes are important for cereal packaging. Cereal clear folding boxes are suitable for all kinds of cereal packs.

Why Opt for Plastic Box for Cereal Packaging?

Beautiful looking cereal clear folding boxes will make your cereals gain a new and appealing look. Cereal clear folding boxes will enable you to attain repeated and new customers for your business. We have served numerous cereal manufacturers around the globe. Our cereal clear folding boxes have helped us build an excellent reputation in the packaging industry by delivering fine packaging to our valued customers.

VProPackaging is proud to possess a strong combination of designers with more than 10 years experience and high-tech plant to support all kinds of packaging manufacturing and designing. We are able to deliver unique cereal clear folding boxes to our dearest clients by capitalizing on the human talent we possess. We aim to make your products more attractive in our cereal clear folding boxes. Cereal clear folding boxes are custom made so that your product can be preserved in the packaging appropriately. Cereal clear folding boxes are ideal for cereal packaging.

How We Manufacture Clear Boxes for Clients?

Let us know all the specifics for the cereal clear folding boxes. We will setup few sample cereal clear folding boxes for you to review our standards. We are always ready to make changes to satisfy our clients in the best possible manner. Our QC and design staffs are instructed to check the cereal clear folding boxes while they go through phases of raw material, print, design and bonding. With our strict policies, we are able to avoid any unforeseen errors or issues in the final packaging.

What We Offer?

VProPackaging is complete packaging solution provider for all cereal manufacturers.

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Cereal Cartons

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Specs –

  1. Material: printing paper, paperboard, PP, PET, Kraft paper, PVC, corrugated and cardboard.
  2. Design Touches: UV oil, creasing, matte, screen print, varnish, die cutting, embossing and glitter.
  3. Print Process: Offset, CMYK and Panton.
  4. MOQ: 3000 pcs, we consider lesser quantity for testing.
  5. Custom made: designs, layout, style, size and shape.
  6. Cereal clear folding boxes can have your logo, seal, ribbon, and magnet closure.
  7. Cereal clear folding boxes are given foldable shape for affordable transportation and assembling.
  8. We promise to deliver economical and quality packaging.
  9. Tailor made services are always offered.
  10. Orders are shipped via sea, truck or courier.
  11. West Union and Bank transfer is accepted. Let us know for other payment methods.

We’re devoted to supplying comprehensive packaging solution like structural design, graphic design, material recommendation, sampling, production and ship to your door. VProPackaging supply packaging options including packaging box, furthermore we produce carton boxes, plastic boxes, personalized or all-in-one boxes for retailing, cosmetic, medicine, shoe boxes, electronics, telephone, toy and many types of other markets.


Tell us your packaging details i.e. its shape, material and quantity, we normally quote in hours.

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